Chris Parker

Chris Parker

Longform/Music/Sports Journalist

Former Cleveland Cavaliers beat reporter for Cleveland Scene, write news/policy cover stories & music features at magazines and alt-weeklies nationwide.

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The Huffington Post

These Aren't the Droids You're Looking For

For a country built on dissent, US law enforcement sure takes a dim view of Internet activism. As those merry pranksters from Anonymous have discovered, the FBI don't truck no shit: Whether you're a whistle-blowing leaker, a crusading IT wizard or a curious college kid, our post-9/11 government views you just like a shoe bomber and will descend on you with the full force of 100 Justice Department lawyers backed by SWAT teams in riot gear.

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The Huffington Post

For-Profit College Lures 14-Year-Old, Dumps Him, Sticks Him With the Bill

But the more citizens become aware of bad practices in this industry, and the more they make clear that they are tired of members of Congress defending these bad actors, the more likely it is that the corruption will end.......