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Former Cleveland Cavaliers beat reporter for Cleveland Scene, write news/policy cover stories & music features at magazines and alt-weeklies nationwide.

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Is a Nirvana-Style Breakthrough Looming with '90s Revival?

We've almost weathered the '80s revival without anybody rear-ending the morons stalled at the intersection listening to Spandau Ballet, but it's official: The ladle's scraping barrel when it comes to that decade's nostalgia.

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Streaming's Poised to Save the Music Business. Now Apple's Ready

Global revenue from recorded music has halved from nearly $30 billion before leveling off to about $15 billion in the past few years. In the United States, recorded-music revenue suffered a similar free fall, cratering in 2011 at $4.5 billion before mildly recovering to $4.9 billion last year.

Now for the first time since its Napster-induced cliff dive, the industry is poised to grow faster than the national economy, at greater than 8 percent, according to New York's New Music Seminar. Factor in the lower overhead implicit in digital delivery and this means far greater profitability.

The great healthcare heist how obamacare was sabotaged from the start.9710714.40 article

The Great Healthcare Heist: How Obamacare Was Sabotaged From the Start

Five years later, Republicans still rail that Obamacare is a socialist perversion. Democrats, meanwhile, often treat the plan as an illegitimate child they'd rather not acknowledge.

What both sides neglect to mention is their complicity in sabotaging the bill, selling out an unprecedented opportunity to the very guys who created the time bomb in the first place.

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Music Fests Like Coachella Drive Concert Sales to New Heights

It's as though the lamentable death of recorded music was accompanied by a kick-ass wake. Sure, label executives have had to sell their fancy homes and put their kids in public schools, but the rest of us have feasted on a musical smorgasbord.

The sky s the limit for home prices in phoenix but for how long.9306732.40 article

The Sky's the Limit for Home Prices in Phoenix, But for How Long?

Real estate fortunes are looking up in the Valley of the Sun — where the economy is tied inextricably to the housing market. The dramatic rise in housing prices during the past two years has lifted a millstone off the backs of many once-underwater homeowners and many who work in the industry. Sometimes they're one and the same, like Lisa Brown, a branch manager at mortgage banker AmeriFirst Financial.

The price of payola.795234.40 article

The Price of Payola

Do you want what's in the box or what's behind door No. 3? The latest episode in the radio payola version of Let's Make a Deal is looking like a zonk. Then again, New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer's heroic crusade against payola — netting more than $35 million in settlements from the four major record labels and two broadcasters, spread piecemeal over the past three years — may still produce the change it initially promised and clean up a perpetually dirty business. But the institutionalized practice of trading radio airplay for money and favors from record labels has proved stubbornly resistant to eradication since the first scandals in the late '50s.

Hip hop love connection.832112.40 article

Hip Hop Love Connection

Hip Hop Love Connection Phoenix New Times

Chick hunt.27063.40 article

Chick Hunt | Phoenix New Times

Chick Hunt | Phoenix New Times

Spotify ruffles feathers promises paradigm shift.8051971.40 article

Spotify Ruffles Feathers, Promises Paradigm Shift | Phoenix New ...

Spotify Ruffles Feathers, Promises Paradigm Shift |...

Shortwaving radio.26761.40 article

Shortwaving Radio | Phoenix New Times

Shortwaving Radio | Phoenix New Times

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Dust Off Your Flannel: Is the Underground Rising to the Mainstream?

You've got a lot of reading to do, guys: snuggled tightly in this week's massive Best of Phoenix 2012 issue......

Live music events like coachella drive concert sales to new heights.8730446.40 article

Music Fests Like Coachella Drive Concert Sales to New Heights ...

Music Fests Like Coachella Drive Concert Sales to N...

Frankencrops monsanto seeks control of america s food supply.8975616.40 article

Frankencrops: Monsanto Seeks Control of America's Food Supply ...

Frankencrops: Monsanto Seeks Control of America's F...

Jon kyl s attack on online poker and livelihoods.7672302.40 article

Jon Kyl's Attack on Online Poker and Livelihoods | Phoenix New Times

Jon Kyl's Attack on Online Poker and Livelihoods | ...

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If Mitt Romney Won't Tell You Which Corrupt Tax Loopholes Need to Be Closed, We Will

A year ago, Citizens for Tax Justice, a Washington nonprofit, studied the tax returns of 280 corporations. What it found was a Beltway version of a mafia protection scheme. From 2008 to 2010, at leas......