Chris Parker

Chris Parker

Longform/Music/Sports Journalist

Former Cleveland Cavaliers beat reporter for Cleveland Scene, write news/policy cover stories & music features at magazines and alt-weeklies nationwide.

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The Economics of Music Festivals: Who's Getting Rich, Who's Going Broke?

By Chris Parker It's as though the sad, lamentable death of recorded music was accompanied by a kick-ass wake. Sure, label executives have had to sell their fancy homes and put their kids in public schools, but the rest of us have been feasting on a musical smorgasbord. Nothing better...

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The Monsanto Menace

When you're good at something, you want to leverage that. Monsanto's specialty is killing stuff. In the early years, the St. Louis biotech giant helped pioneer such leading chemicals as DDT, PCBs and Agent Orange. Unfortunately, these breakthroughs had a tendency to kill stuff. And the torrent of lawsuits that......

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Black Friday: How the Feds Shut Down Online Poker

When you've turned nothing into something once already, you tend to believe you can do it again. There's faith your luck will turn. Perhaps it's......

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How Medicare Fraud Became the Nation's Most Lucrative Crime

Houston Riverside General Hospital specialized in the kind of medicine its better-heeled brethren did their best to avoid: treating the poor, the mentally ill, the......

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Medicare Fraud and Skirball's Values: Readers Chime In

A Fraud on the Nation Our April 26 feature about Medicare fraud generated lots of conversation last week ("Thieves' Bazaar," by Chris Parker). Writes Politicaldiva,......

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Barbarians in the Ivory Tower

Bobby Ruffin Jr. was only 14 when a recruiter from Ashford University called. The Birmingham, Mich., boy thought he'd clicked on a link promising help......