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Chris Parker

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Former Cleveland Cavaliers beat reporter for Cleveland Scene, write news/policy cover stories & music features at magazines and alt-weeklies nationwide.

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Lindsey buckingham pr 2012 p article
Hollywood Reporter

Lindsey Buckingham on Finding Happiness Balancing an Enormous Band and Cozy Solo Project

As a guitarist known for his rich, almost orchestral finger-picked playing style, solo acoustic might be the last thing you expect from Lindsey Buckingham. When commercial concerns became an issue in Fleetwood Mac, Buckingham’s experimental explorations manifested a solo career that has endured fits and starts.

U2 pr 2014 l article
Hollywood Reporter

Why U2's 'Songs of Innocence' Doesn't Deserve the Rock Album Grammy (Opinion)

It rather boggles the mind that U2’s Songs of Innocence was nominated for a 2015 Best Rock Album Grammy today. Is it possible voters thought they were voting for Biggest Album Rollout Fiasco after the free release burrowed into people’s computers and wouldn’t leave? Apple finally was forced to release a “U2 Removal Tool.” Perhaps they can pass a link along to the Grammy committee?

David bowie heroes next day l article
Hollywood Reporter

Old Vs. Older Catalog: Does Being a Legacy Artist Mean There's More to Love? (Analysis)

Long established acts are finding new fans in young listeners -- how is that affecting album sales? The picture is as hazy as a rock star's dressing room in the 1970s.

Jane scott p article
Hollywood Reporter

She's So Heavy: America's First Rock Critic Is Immortalized in Bronze

Rock critics are typically reviled or ignored but rarely bronzed. Of the latter, Jane Scott may be the first, which is fitting. Scott took her job at the Cleveland Plain Dealer in 1952, three days after Alan Freed's famous Moondog Coronation Ball, becoming the first full-time music writer at an American daily.

Hollywood Reporter

This Is 40

Jun 21, 2013 ... Chris Parker. Number of comments: The outspoken frontman of the beloved indie act promises that the just-released "La Costa Perdida" (the ......

Open uri20140226 26500 wfter1 article
Hollywood Reporter

David Lowery on Camper Van Beethoven Return, New Album and Why 'Half the Musicians Have Stockholm Syndrome' (Q&A)

It’s been 30 years since a bunch of weirdoes from Redlands, Calif., formed a band to piss off their punk rock brethren. Modest cult favorites in the '80s, Camper Van Beethoven’s even more popular today. Known for their offbeat, idiosyncratic blend of chamber pop/folk and punk/indie rock elements, they just...

Rock roll hall of fame a l article
Hollywood Reporter

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum Curator Exits Under Mysterious ...

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum Curator Exits Und...

Madness pr 2012 l article
Hollywood Reporter

Madness' Chas Smash: 'We're the Working-Man's Pink Floyd' - The ...

Madness' Chas Smash: 'We're the Working-Man's Pink ...

Open uri20140226 26500 170m54u article
Hollywood Reporter

Owl City's Tools of the Trade

Being a producer is a lot like Alice in Wonderland if the looking glass led to a studio lined with equipment. Owl City auteur Adam Young has disappeared into that rabbit hole more than a couple times. Indeed, it was insomnia that helped produce his first basement tracks which made...

Hollywood Reporter

Grammy Awards 2014

8:00 pm PST 12/05/2014. Chris Parker. Number of comments: 12. "Rock album? It's more like a hope chest," writes Chris Parker READ MORE. 21. 107. 1 ......

Inside amy schumer a l article
Hollywood Reporter

Music Videos, News, and Opinion - Earshot - The Hollywood Reporter

2 days ago ... Why U2's 'Songs of Innocence' Doesn't Deserve the Rock Album Grammy ( Opinion). 8:00 PM PST 12/5/2014 by Chris Parker. 21. 107. 1. 0. 0....