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Former Cleveland Cavaliers beat reporter for Cleveland Scene, write news/policy cover stories & music features at magazines and alt-weeklies nationwide.

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Pinback Excited to get Back to Boise

One of Pinback's strange idiosyncrasies that its performances can be far more energetic and rocking than its albums. Crow said that difference has receded as of late. Touring so long without a new album, the band put more emphasis into its concerts....

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Flogging Molly Brings Celtic Punk to Boise

Blending Irish instrumentation with punk attitude....

Boise "To Have" Yo La Tengo for a Night

Over its three-decade career, New Jersey trio Yo La Tengo has established itself as a rightful heir to the Velvet Underground's throne. The Velvets went from the tender beauty of Pale Blue Eyes to the cacophonous thrum of Venus in Furs. Across Yo La Tengo's 13 studio albums the band...

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Matthew E. White to Bring Boise Some White Noise

One thing's starkly apparent when listening to Matthew E. White's debut album, Big Inner: It's not the work of a beginner....

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Sallie Ford to Bring The Sound Inside

In Ford's voice, you hear echoes of the keening jazz-roots of Jolie Holland, Eilen Jewell and the Be Good Tanyas, as well as the raw, rebellious rumble of The Raveonettes and The Kills....

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Landlocked Boise to get a Beach House

Legrand and Alex Scally craft dreamy, slow-moving songs with emotional resonance that outstrips the spare details. Legrand's sultry coo and the slowly undulating textures conspire for a Rorschach effect, accommodating whatever you might project onto it....

Boise to Learn About What Made Milwaukee Famous

Though the tone is consistently dour on its new album, You Can't Fall Off the Floor, the music is varied....

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Boise to Commune with the Patron Saints of Ominous Creep

Now entering its 15th year and supporting its sixth full-length album, the band has continued to evolve musically while remaining true to its gloomy, moribund vibe...

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Treefort Saturday Don't Miss: Widowspeak

Channeling influences from Neil Young to Wings, Molly Hamilton's haunting, distorted vocals and Robert Earl Thomas' twanging guitar add elements that put a timeless spin on the duo's songs....

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Treefort Thursday Don't Miss: White Lung

"White Lung is a punk band," reads the band's short bio. But the group isn't so easily summed up. The mostly-female four-piece hammers out an......

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Treefort Saturday Don't Miss: Y La Bamba

Portland, Ore.'s Y La Bamba has all the familiar indie folk flourishes that have become a staple of the genre--rattling tambourine, rousing multi-part harmonies, handclaps, even an airy accordion thrown in for good measure. But it's Mexican-American singer Luz Elena Mendoza's soaring vocals interwoven with Spanish lyrics that sets the...

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Tuba Christmas

Tuba Christmas is part of a national event that has been showcasing the unsung hero of the lower register since 1974. The original event was created as a tribute to the late musician and teacher William Bell, who was born on Christmas. The first Tuba Christmas concert was performed that...

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The Zombie Apocalypse Storms Bogies Nightclub

If it's guts and gore you want, it's guts and gore you will get at the first, and ostensibly last, Zombie Apocalypse party at Bogies Nightclub, presented by Wicked Wonderland and pr0cess....

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Albums We're Looking Forward to in Early 2012

Plus new music from old faves like Leonard Cohen and Air....

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Treefort Thursday Don't Miss: The Last Bison

The band's self-described "mountaintop chamber music" evokes comparisons to Southern peers Lost in the Trees, due to shared use of cellos, violins and organ....